Who We Are

Our mission at Pride Academy is to teach young athletes the fundamentals of success in life through recreational activities and provide a supportive foundation to accomplish their goals successfully.

Pride Academy is an up and coming non-profit organization and we are eager to make an impact on the youth in the Indianapolis area. We aim to make developmental, non-parent coached basketball accessible to families at any income level. As a non-profit organization we base everything around our mission and hope to change the lives of young athletes through recreational activities.

We rely on community support to provide us with generous sponsorships and donations. All donations contribute to the success of our program and allow us to continue training and competing at high levels for a fraction of the cost of any other program.


We create a strong foundation with P.R.I.D.E.

P. Principles: A foundation for yourself to use as a guide in making the right decisions and working towards an end goal.

R. Respect: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Show respect and support to everyone around you by accepting people for who they are.

I. Intelligence: Nobody is perfect, but everyone has the ability to learn from their imperfections. Young athletes will make mistakes at home, in school, and on the court. Having the intelligence to learn from those mistakes is what we strive for.

D. Determination: Life can be difficult for everyone. It is the determination that a young athlete has within that allows them to have greater success in life than those who have greater talent.

E. Effort: Recreational activities and school both have one thing in common. They require a lot of physical and mental energy. As Michael Jordan said, “I can accept failure, I cannot accept not trying.”

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Indiana Pride Basketball

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors


All donations to Indiana Pride Basketball contribute to the success of our young athletes and allow them to accomplish their goals. Please help us make a difference in their lives by donating towards our mission.